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IceWarp at Singapore Enterprise IT Expo, Booth: BE4-08

— Show how is IceWarp on Cloud & even run on own corperate cloud


IceWarp at China ShenZhen Hi-Tech Fair, Booth: Hall 9, 9S34D

— Show how is IceWarp on China Cloud & even run on own corperate cloud in China ?


IceWarp at Hong Kong International ICT Expo, Booth: 3F-F15

— IceWarp on Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud & even run on Own Premises


IceWarp adds agility to construction company's dispersed workforce

— New customer success story: Power Home Remodeling Group Enables Mobile Workforce with IceWarp.


IceWarp helps PGTELCO Solve Security issues on the Way to Virtual Environment

— New customer success story: IceWarp helps Prairie Grove Telephone Company, a regional telecommunications services provider, to migrate to new virtual environment, plug serious security gaps and greatly improve customer satisfaction.


IceWarp selected as a Red Herring's Top 100 North America Startup

IceWarp, a global provider of unified communications and collaboration solutions, announced today it has been selected as a Red Herring's Top 100 North America Startup, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the North American business region.


IceWarp Becomes Security Certificate Authority

— IceWarp has become a Security Certificate Authority let its customers install properly configured certificates with just a few mouse clicks.

IceWarp sponsors the latest Aberdeen webinar.

— Latest Aberdeen market report on integrating business communications discusses the challenges organizations face today in evolving their communication and collaboration systems, and the ways they are facing those challenges and succeeding.


Get the latest Osterman Research whitepaper featuring IceWarp.

— New Osterman Research whitepaper shows that even small to mid size organization can evolve strategic and agile workflows and drive company innovation through unified communications without it having to be painful.


IceWarp is Finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 North America award.

— IceWarp selected into prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the North American business region.


Small Business Television recommends IceWarp

— Personal servers and networks are a luxury for small businesses… Sure, they’re wonderful to have, but they’re also prohibitively expensive. IceWarp, with its newest server release, is trying to change all that.


Unified Communications Embrace Open Standards

— IceWarp executive John Cooper discusses sweeping changes in Unified Communications space


Tech Zone 360 Writes About IceWarp

— Click more to read the full article from TechZone 360 in which they discuss IceWarp and the latest 10.3 version and what it can provide companies of all sizes.

More's Robbie Pleasant Talks About IceWarp and The Pillars of Unified Communications

— Click more to read the full article from Robbie Pleasant in which he discusses the pillars of Unified Communications and how IceWarp provides these.


TMCnet's Tammy Wolf Writes About VoIP in UC and IceWarp

— Click more to read the full article from Tammy Wolf where she talks about IceWarp and the latest VoIP impact on Unified Communications.


Erik Linask From TMCnet Interviews IceWarp President Ladislav Goc

— Click more to watch Eric Linask interview IceWarp President Ladislav Goc on what sets IceWarp apart from others when talking about security.


Unified Communications Strategies - Discussing Presence with Jason Andersson

— Click more to read the entire article from where Jason Andersson discusses presence with our own President Ladislav Goc and John Cooper.


Unifying True Communications at Warp Speed for a Secure, Agile Mobile Workforce

— Click more to read the TMCNet Article on security in the mobile world. Our own President Ladislav Goc contributes heavily to the article.


IceWarp Rated By AppWorld

2011-02-24 — IceWarp is listed as a top app for business applications. Click more to read the full story and see the other applications.


IceWarp Server 10.3.1 released.

2011-04-18 — IceWarp Server 10.3.1 maintenance release brings several patches to issues reported and found. We recommend this upgrde to all customers running version 10.3.0. Please review the change log for more information on problems found and resolved. You can see the change log here.


IceWarp Server 10.3.0 released.

2011-03-29 — The new IceWarp Server 10.3.0 release brings several new feature additions, enhancements to existing features, number of fixed bugs and 2 resolved vulnerabilities. It also includes a greatly improved Desktop Client. This is a major release and we recommend the upgrade to all current customers. For more information on the release please read our What's New.

IceWarp Server 10.2.2 released.

2011-01-17 — The new IceWarp Server 10.2.2 release brings several enhancements and other fixes, and also includes a greatly improved Outlook Connector. This is a maintenance release and we recommend the upgrade to all current customers.


IceWarp Server 10.2.1 released.

2011-11-17 — IceWarp has released 10.2.1 to address minor bug fixes but also to address a major exploit discovered by a private security firm that continually conducts penetration tests against IceWarp to ensure there are no possible security exploits. The vulnerabilities discovered were patched and all IceWarp customers should upgrade to this 10.2.1 version.


IceWarp becomes an Authorized Certificate Authority.

2010-11-11 — IceWarp has long envisioned providing their customers with a simpler way of generating and installing their SSL certificate. IceWarp is now able to offer all forms of SSL certificates ranging from the standard Domain Validation to Multi-Domain Certificates to ensure our ISP and Service Provider customers have their security needs met.

With this in mind IceWarp spent considerable development time in enhancing the SSL generation and installation process for version 10.2. Customers can now easily generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) using the administration console and once the certificate has been issued with one click of the mouse can have the certificate formatted to work with Icewarp. This takes all the guess work out of the SSL certificate process.

For a step by step guide to the IceWarp Certificate process please download our user guide by clicking yellow "More" button.


What's New In IceWarp Server 10.2

2010-10-19 — Read about the new features and increased usability in IceWarp Server 10.2


What's New In IceWarp Server 10.1

2010-06-01 — There are many new features and enhancements in the latest IceWarp Server 10.1


IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10

2009-12-19 — The successful North American launch of IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10 paves the way for the platform's highly-anticipated worldwide rollout


Radicati White Paper on IceWarp

2009-04-30 — Radicati Group White Paper Affirms IceWarp Server Version 10 as a Flexible Messaging and Collaboration Solution for Enterprises and ISPs


New 9.4.1 Maintenance Release

2009-02-27 — Version 9.4.1 is a safe upgrade which brings over 100 minor bug fixes to address common problems reported with the previous release.

IceWarp Server 9.4 Released

2008-12-18 — Version 9.4 adds a number of improvements, enhanced performance and 200 bug fixes that users and administrators have been asking for.

New 9.3.2 Maintenance Release

2008-09-12 — Introducing multi-threaded FastCGI mode for rock-solid web applications, improved logging, whitelisting/quarantine and mobile WebMail.

IceWarp Server 9.3.1 Available

2008-06-26 — IceWarp Server 9.3.1 is a must-have upgrade if you are serious about mobility: iPhone WebMail, Nokia Push, VoIP on handhelds and much more.

IceWarp Server 9.2.0 Official

2008-04-16 — Another milestone release from IceWarp, introducing 3 brand new modules, close to 150 new features, 530 updates and 39 bug fixes.

Version 9.1 Released

2007-09-17 — Drag & drop in WebMail Pro, wide SQL engine support, IM presence logging, spam statistics, SyncML 1.2, improved Administration GUI now also for Linux using Wine.

IceWarp Server Version 9

2007-08-04 — Brand new Webmail Pro, SyncML Wireless Phone Sync, CalDAV Server, VoIP Telephony, further GroupWare integration. Powered by Merak Mail Server technology.


NOKIA Certification Started

2007-03-03 — State-of-the-art technology for mailbox and groupware data synchronization via SyncML will be certified for Nokia business and consumer phones.


HP Certification Started

2007-03-01 — State-of-the-art technology for mailbox and groupware data synchronization via SyncML will be certified for HP PDAs.


WebMail 2G Development

2007-02-28 — Next generation of WebMail has entered Quality Assurance phase. Pre-production tests showed incredible performance advantage of client-side processing.

Version 8.9 released

2006-11-22 — New revolutionary Merak Email Server version 8.9 released. New Anti-Spam features and message processing queues were introduced.


Quarantined Management

2006-11-20 — Quarantined message management via email introduced.


Razor 2

2006-11-06 — Razor2 AntiSpam technology incorporated into Merak


Active Directory support added

2006-10-15 — Automatically synchronize Merak with your Active Directory Server.


Database Storage Migration management

2006-08-16 — IceWarp incorporates an Automated Database Migration tool into Merak Email Server.


Intrusion Prevention - RSET command monitoring

2006-07-10 — Intrusion Prevention features were enhanced by RSET activity monitoring, in reaction to abuse of this SMTP command by spammers.


Account Maintenance log

2006-04-27 — Track activity of account administrators. Useful for in-house corporate servers or ISPs with more than one administrator.


Mail Archiving Tool

2006-04-27 — Mail Archiving Tool has been incorporated to Merak Mail Server.


Domain Storage Folder

2006-04-27 — Now you can manage the storage structure for each domain separately.


Secured Destinations

2006-02-07 — The latest in SSL security. SSL/TLS protocol can now be enforced or bypassed based on hostname or domain name.


Separated IP for Domain Binding

2006-02-01 — Next step in securing your mail server and prevent hostname spoofing.


Distributed Domains

2005-12-17 — Load-balancing and high-availability only a few clicks away.



2005-09-26 — The smart way to stop spam. Greylisting.


Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

2005-09-20 — SNMP protocol implementation allows easy integration with enterprise class network equipment.


MailBox Path Alphabetical Sorting

2005-09-14 — A-Z mailbox sorting for greater performance with thousands of user accounts.


Sender Policy Framework implemented

2005-09-08 — SPF is a set of accompanying technologies to get the most of DomainKeys singing.


DomainKeys implemented

2005-09-05 — SPF is a set of accompanying technologies to get the most of DomainKeys singing.


Linux Release Candidate available now

2005-08-10 — IceWarp, developer of the wide-spread Merak Mail Server, continues to lead the industry by making available a pre-release of the announced Linux version.


Perform Delay Before Processing Incoming SMTP Connection

2005-08-01 — Simple yet effective anti-spam measure has been implemented to the SMTP core engine.


New revolutionary Merak Email Server 8.2 released

2005-06-29 — New, even more stable and feature-rich version is now available for download.


Merak Email Server 8.0 released

2005-02-03 — New generation of mail server software was released. This version is designed to become the most complete, affordable and professional solution for corporate use in the years to come.