Customer References

Explore the benefits, challenges, and results in deploying a “true” unified communications (UC) solution for your organization – Cut administrative time and overhead, gain more efficient and agile communications, boost workforce productivity, and save your organization money.

IceWarp for Internet Service Providers

IceWarp Server’s carrier grade stability and flexible license model makes it the platform of choice for ISP’s, ASP’s, and hosting companies around the world.


Customers since 2005 offering IceWarp’s core email, and integrated security features to 10’s of thousands of users


Customers since 2003, they have built a hosting platform with IceWarp currently servicing over 40,000 users

Host Works Inc.

Customers since 2007, they offer a wide variety of hosted and managed services utilizing IceWarp in many diverse on premise and hosted environments

Internet Services Inc.

Customers since 2002 that have grown their email and web hosting services on the IceWarp Server and no service over 22,000 users

IceWarp for Small and Medium Business

IceWarp Server allows small and medium businesses to stay competitive and take advantage of the same tools that used to only be available to larger organizations


Customers since 2007, Taxmasters was able to transform the way they connect to colleagues, coworkers and customers with IceWarp Server

Schaeffer Electric Company

Customers since 2002, Schaefer electric has been able to grow their company over the last several years and IceWarp Server has been right there with them, handling their email, appointment scheduling, and customer contact management

Consolidated Publishing

Customers since 2003, IceWarp Server has served their small staff well, allowing them to expand the way they communicate and collaborate

Autobell Car Wash

Customers since 2005, IceWarp Server provides email to their more than 15 locations

IceWarp for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions rely on IceWarp Servers secure messaging and collaboration for their organizations and their client’s needs

National Bank of Canada

Customers since 2004, they provide secure and reliable email, mobile access and collaboration services to their employees with IceWarp

Rock Springs National Bank

Customers since 2008, they leverage all of IceWarp Servers full unified communication and collaborations functionality, email, instant messaging, Groupware and more

Kearny County Bank

Customers since 2004, IceWarp Server has provided them with secure and reliable email for employees and also use IceWarp for email alerts and automated messages from their online banking systems

Securex Financial

Customers since 2009, they started using IceWarp Server as a simple email server but their deployment has grown into a full unified communications solution

IceWarp for Government

Local, state and federal governments all trust IceWarp Server for its reliability and ease of deployment

The Department of the Navy

Customers since 2003, they provide email for over 7,500 employees with the IceWarp Server

The Department of Justice

Customers since 2009, they have deployed IceWarp Server at over 25 different locations and that base is currently being expanded

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Customers since 2004, IceWarp Server provides reliable messaging to their more than 15,000 employees

The Civil Air Patrol - U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

Customers since 2005, they rely on IceWarp email, web services and instant messaging to keep all of their members connected across the country

Bay County – Sheriff Office, Fire and Rescue, and Police Department

Customers since 2006, Bay County started out with only their Sheriff’s Department but now use IceWarp Server to provide a full range of features to their Fire and Rescue and Police Departments including integration with their emergency response systems

IceWarp for Education

IceWarp Server is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of our EDU customers, the extremely low total cost of ownership allows them to stay in budget and still deliver a powerful end user experience to faculty and students alike

Finlandia University

Customers since 2005, they use IceWarp Server to provide email and collaboration for their faculty and students

University of Nebraska

Customers since 2007, IceWarp Server provides email, and instant messaging capabilities to more than 20,000 students and faculty

University of Minnesota

Customers since 2005, IceWarp Server connects their faculty and staff using email, and VoIP features

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

Customers since 2005, they not only utilize IceWarp Server for their faculty and students messaging needs but also in many lab environments as a stable SMTP core for projects and tests they run

IceWarp for Enterprise

Enterprise organizations around the globe leverage IceWarp Server’s full range of unified communications and collaboration features to provide new levels of agility to their workforce


Customers since 2005, they utilize the full capability of IceWarp Server’s messaging and collaboration functionality


Customers since 2009, they have deployed IceWarp to over 250 of their locations around the world

Burger King

Customers since 2005, they use IceWarp Server to provide email to more than 10,000 employees and over 11,000 locations in North America


Customers since 2005, they rely on IceWarp Servers email and integrated security to protect the email of their more than 360 locations in North America

IceWarp for Non-Profits

Non-profits large and small trust IceWarp, they get a world class messaging and collaboration solution for staff and volunteers at a cost that can stay within their often tight budget constraints

The United Way

Customers since 2004, they use IceWarp Server to provide email to more than 30,000 employees, and volunteersn

The Society of Actuaries

Customers since 2004, their more than 21,000 members reply on IceWarp email and other messaging and collaboration features

The Gladney Center for Adoption

Customers since 2006, using a full range of IceWarp Servers messaging features

Harmony Adoptions

Customers since 2006, IceWarp Server handles all of their organizations communications, email, instant messaging and voice

IceWarp for Healthcare

Hospitals, private practice and other organizations in the healthcare market rely on IceWarp Servers robust email, scheduling features, and mobile device synchronization

Healthcare Partners

Customers since 2009, iceWarp Server provides their organization with secure access to all of their critical data and communications

Allegiance Health

Customers since 2007, they use IceWarp Server to provide onsite and mobile email to their more than 1,700 faculty spread across 22 separate centers

Allied Health Systems

Customers since 2006, IceWarpServer provides their staff with reliable messaging and voice communications

Dearborn County Hospital

Customers since 2005, IceWarp Server provides email, instant messaging and mobile alerts to their staff of over 200