How can we help you?

IceWarp provides worldwide free technical support and paid consultation services. Our professionals will assist you to solve common technology issues, choose a proper license or design your e-mail server scenario.

Free Support Resources

  • Technical
  • Every licensed copy of IceWarp server comes with free email support during business hours for the term of the license. The term is extended upon renewal and the point of upgrade. We guarantee a response within 48 hours.
  • Sales and Pre-sales
  • Our sales specialist are ready to help you to solve all of your pre-sales enquiries. Current customers can contact us in case of any questions regarding licensing or buying add-on modules.

Other Resources

  • Support Contracts
  • Each business has its unique characteristics, challenges, needs and interests, and a handle on your budget. Therefore, IceWarp has designed a series of comprehensive support programs giving you optimal control over the services you receive.
  • Support in your local language
  • IceWarp provides worldwide technical and sales support through local partners in 27 countries all over the world. Please select your local country or the nearest market.

Top 4 FAQs

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    I can't change the service access for user/domain – it is grayed out.

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    How can I have accounts with the same username/password in different domains?

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    How do I use Icewarp as my AntiSpam and AntiVirus Gateway for MS Exchange Server?

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    How to display a Global Address Book in Outlook.