IceWarp offers comprehensive & cost effective solutions for organizations of all sizes with a modular license model that ensures the most flexibility for your deployment.

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IceWarp Server Features and Users

IceWarp has designed a modular and completely customizable license scheme that offers on demand scalability to organizations. Please select the features and the number of users for each feature that you need as part of your initial deployment.

Enterprise class features and stability combined with ease-of-management and maintenance. IceWarp eMail Server has many powerful features including:

All IceWarp communications and data management in a single interface with support for any browser

Fully integrated Web Server & Secure FTP Server

Integrated email attachment caching and management that can deployed server wide or through the use of custom filters. Improve server performance and increase security

Migrate users, email, contacts, calendars and tasks from your current solution such as Microsoft Exchange, Kerio, Axigen and others

Highly effective and accurate dual layered engine to protect your inbox

Fully integrated anti-virus engine with real time updates

Secure IM with support for server level archiving, unified chat history search, and gateways to 22 public networks such as GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo and Facebook

Native over-the-air synchronization of all your personal and public/group data including emails, contacts, calendars and even tasks (only supported by IceWarp Server). Supports nearly every mobile platform, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and others

Powerful, easy to use, and highly scalable collaboration solution for companies large and small businesses

Flexible user to user SIP based call gateway and full PBX solution in one

Provide text messaging capabilities to your organization

Full featured alternative to Outlook that is natively supported by the IceWarp Server

Keep your Outlook desktop client in sync with our Outlook Sync. Personal and group data synchronization support for email, contacts, calendars, tasks and files

IceWarp Business Services

IceWarp offers a wide range of business services to assist in your planning, deployment, staff training and ongoing management of your IceWarp solution. Please select any available service below you are interested in learning more about.

Assistance to plan & design your IceWarp environment

Assistance with planning for and migrating from your current messaging solution to IceWarp

A support contract provides the peace of mind that a dedicated IceWarp engineer will be there when you need them 24 X 7. Or let us manage your IceWarp solution remotely letting you focus on running your business

Installation & configuration of your IceWarp server including critical aspects such as system back-ups, archving and security settings

Let us help you implement new communication and create business processes and workflows or optimize existing processes

Ensure a seamless transition to your new solution with comprehensive training for your companies employees

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