IceWarp Outlook Connector

IceWarp Outlook Connector based on MAPI technology has been discontinued and will be no more available after May 15, 2011.

Functionality of the former Outlook Connector will be provided by newly developed “IceWarp Outlook Sync” plugin that has all Outlook Connector features and extends them with new ones that bring the following advantages:

  • Better compatibility with the latest version of Outlook
  • Deployment via user-friendly .msi installer enabling better administration
  • Terminal Services support
  • Outlook 64bit support
  • Availability of all native Outlook features (S/MIME, Windows Search support, etc.)
  • Possibility to extend Outlook interface with IceWarp Server features (e.g. blacklist/whitelist recipients)
  • Possibility to develop customized synchronization features for 3rd party applications

Beta version of the new IceWarp Outlook Sync will be available from July 2011.

Full Outlook Support

Extended Outlook Support

New IceWarp Outlook Sync is utilizing Outlook plugin technology providing bridge between native Outlook features and IceWarpServer . Synchronization via IceWarp Outlook Sync plugin support nearly 100% of all Outlook features, including Appointments, including Appointments, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Journals, Distribution Lists, Public and Shared folders, Scheduling, FreeBusy, Voting and Grouping.

Push. Always Up-to-Date

New data is automatically pushed to Outlook, eliminating the need to manually sync. This includes new email, schedule changes, new contacts, and more. Resource access is seamless between online and offline mode as all shared and public resources remain up-to-date at all times.

Save and Share Files in Outlook

Save and Share Files in Outlook

IceWarp Groupware allows users to save and access files documents on IceWarp Server as if they were accessing a local drive or network share. Users can access files in IceWarp DeskClient, IceWarp WebClient, and Microsoft Outlook. Or they can simply map folder as a Network drive directly on Windows desktop whether IceWarp Server is on the local network or across the web.

Centralized Account Administration

End users can manage their account settings directly from Outlook, including auto responder, forwarding and server-side routing rules. Settings stored on the server are also available in IceWarp WebClient.

Storage, Migration, Maintenance

Connector imports data from existing user profiles and synchronizes them back to the GroupWare server from where they can be propagated to WebClient, Desktop Client or mobile devices. For local storage it can use the default PST file or its own profile. Multiple accounts can be stored within a single profile, meaning all resources are saved in one PST file for simplified maintenance.

Enterprise-Wide Deployment Ready

The Connector can be pre-configured for effortless deployment across any enterprise. Single-click deployment simplifies server management by allowing administrators to install multiple connectors on any number of machines by using predefined installation settings. They simply need to run the installer, launch Outlook and enter their login credentials.